January/February, March  Workshops:

Pitch That Story, Already: How to Pitch and Get Essays Published   

This is a 2-part workshop, each 3 hours. I'll go over the biz, editors, some of my own pitches, and feedback on pitches you'll write. Each person will brainstorm, write, and workshop at least one pitch. Everyone will come out of this workshop with at least one pitch ready to send to your favorite pubs.

January 23rd, 4-7 pm (EST)

January 30th, 4-7 pm (EST)



January 29th, 1-4 pm (EST)

February 5th,  1-4 pm (EST)



March Workshop -- dates soon to be announced 


price $450

($425 if you sign up 3 days before the workshop starts)




For more info, contact me through this website. Limited space available, so don't hesitate!


I'd always wanted to write for TV/movies as well publish some books, but I had no idea how to break into the biz. Well, turns out getting published is one way! I'm currently pitching a show to production companies that I co-wrote with a (successful) TV writer that's based on one of my articles. I've been asked to consult in the writer's room for a tv show on Hulu because the creators read my viral article. And recently this Vanity Fair article said one of my articles inspired the recent Dog park sketch on  SNL.  I also got my current lit agent because of a viral article I wrote. So, how did I do it? Well, I spent hundreds of hours trying to figure out how the hell you write pitches and then get editors to buy them. I reeeeally wish someone had offered a workshop like this to save me all that time and frustration... and rejection. So, in this workshop, I'll offer up some of the best tricks and tips I've learned along the way.