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My Incredible City — Lyon, France

I've been here almost three years now. I fell in love with it the first time I came and just new I wanted to be here. It's 1.5 hours to the Alps, 2 hours to Paris, 2 hours to the sea, and is big enough to have cool stuff but not as big and hectic as NYC and LA (or expensive). That big ole castle thing on the hill is called the upside down elephant by locals. I call it the fairty princess castle looking thing. It's really a church. Or cathedral or whatever.

This was my old hood. I love it so much. But my flat was 25m, which is a tiny study basically. But perfect for me when I got here.

Inside the elephant fairy princess tale castle church thingy

The view from my old flat (or as I called it, my bachelor pad). I lived my best single life ever in that flat. And it cost half as much as my flat in L.A.

THIS was the entrance !

And these were the stairs next to. my building. Just incredible. Probably the most instagrammed placed in Lyon.

Speaking of stairs. There aren't many elevators. My friend lived on the sixth floor. Had to climb these things every single time!

Lyon is known for these hidden crazy staircases

This is Lyon's version of Central Park

This was my hook. Just gorgeous.

My favorite thing in Lyon is the art though. It's everywhere and so cool

This thing below is all PAINTED. Like, those are not windows or people. It's a huge mural.

Cute stuff like this gets me

These legs coming out of walls are also all over Lyon

This was the first picture I took in Lyon the first day I came here for a visit and I just knew I'd love this town.

I made my husband take this.

I mean, even the grafiti makes you think.

The climbing gym I go to got creative and hung this ginormous Christmas tree from the ceiling.

Et voila! That's all for now. Just a taste of my fabulous home.

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