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Melanie is a journalist, public speaker, and storyteller who's primarily based in France now (though she goes back to NYC & LA to do shows).


She's written dozens of articles for publications like Harper’s Bazaar, The Washington Post, Glamour, The Daily Beast, Slate, Cosmo, The Guardian, Playboy, and The Huffington Post. She covers the gamut from wild travel stories and sex/relationships essays to culture criticism and dead-serious reported features. Her viral article for Harper's Bazaar has been referenced in dozens of podcasts, books, and pubs including GQ, The New Yorker,  Oprah, and Slate, and was also the inspiration for the sketch Man Park on Saturday Night Live, according to Vanity Fair.


She's told personal stories and done interviews for several podcasts. She's a multiple-time Moth winner and a former improviser and monologist at  NYC and LA's Upright Citizen’s Brigade, where she was trained. 

Her TikTok and YouTube pages are where she's doing most of her storytelling, culture criticism, and journalistic work these days. She's also a public speaker at events and universities.

Melanie is represented by literary agent, JL Stermer, at Next Level Lit in NYC.

Find more of her work, from lives with guests to personal stories not fit for the public, on her Patreon. 

( Photo: Rachel SADDEDINE)

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