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Melanie is a comedian, journalist, and storyteller based in Lyon, France, with frequent trips to LA and NYC. She has written dozens of articles for publications like Harper’s Bazaar, The Washington Post, Glamour, The Daily Beast, Slate, Playboy, and The Huffington Post. She covers the gamut from travel stories to dead-serious reported features. One of her articles for Harper's Bazaar went super viral and has been referenced in dozens of podcasts, books, and articles, including GQ and Slate. Another article for Glamour was written about in 17 tabloids worldwide and got her name in the dictionary. She has produced and performed stories on many podcasts including Risk! She's a multiple-time Moth winner and a former monologist at The Upright Citizen’s Brigade's flagship all-star show, Assscat 3000. 


Before moving to NYC to pursue a career in writing, comedy, and film, Melanie was an Outward Bound Wilderness Instructor on 23-day backpacking, climbing, and canoeing courses with at-risk teens, a white water raft guide for 6 years all over the west, and a ski instructor. During that time she also worked as a production coordinator and trip leader for a California outdoor education company that took famous Hollywood kids on week-long outdoor adventures. Melanie would consider herself an anxious and fearful person, but she's learned to harness her fear and let it motivate her instead. That and boundless curiosity are what drive her sense of adventure on the page and the stage. In fact, performing and publishing are way scarier for her than hanging off a 1,000-foot cliff ever is because they involve a different form of vulnerability... one far more challenging. But also rewarding. She now helps other writers and storytellers tackle their own fears without being reckless. Taking calculated risks is kinda her thing.

Melanie is represented by literary agent, JL Stermer, at Next Level Lit in NYC.

(photo credit on home page: La Fille Renne)

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