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Are you someone who:

  • always wanted to write for publications and have no a clue how to get started and/or pitch?

  • wanted to go up at The Moth or any storytelling show and have no idea how to do that?

  • needs feedback/notes on a draft, to brainstorm ideas for future stories, or want advice on the creative life in general.

Let me help you!

I’ve written all these articles.  I also wrote this guide. for storytelling on stage. My articles also led to multiple literary agents reaching out to me... which then led me to sign with the amazing JL Stermer at Next Level Lit in NYC. 

I took storytelling and writing classes from some of the best teachers in NYC and LA, but in terms of pitching and writing for big magazines and newspapers, I’m self-taught. I could have gotten my career off the ground a decade sooner had I not done this and sought a coach instead. Let me save you time so you can get results way faster than I did.

I’m brutally honest but fun, so I won’t make you feel like crap. We’re all vulnerable artists and need support, not a bully. 

Many of my students have sold the first (and even second!) pitches they've ever written to major international publications like Huffington Post, The Daily Beast, and Harper's Bazaar. See testimonials to read about their experiences with me in their own words. 

(Photo: Rachel SADDEDINE)


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