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Coming fall 2022......
Pitch That Story, Already: How to Pitch and Get Essays Published   

I've got too many clients now and not enough time to do workshops, unfortunately. Not a bad problem to have! As much as I love teaching, I barely have time to write anymore and I'm a writer first and foremost. So I've figured out a new approach. I'll soon be offering my workshops online for you to watch on your own, as many times as you want (which fellow neurodivergents out there will surely appreciate!). As much as I love the magic that happens in a live workshop with a group of weirdos with the best ideas ever, I can't coordinate 9 time zones anymore and still have time to write. So I'm going to switch over to just private coaching. The workshops will be available for anyone who wants to work with me so you can first learn the basics on your own, at your own pace, then reach out to me for personal feedback and help when you're ready to dive in. Ooooor you can take the workshop and go out alone. Whichever works for you.


So, stay tuned. The online workshop through teachable should be ready to go in October! 









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